Singapore Heritage Cuisine
Singapore Heritage Cuisine
Celebrating our Nation's Birthday!

Chef Damian brings back two well-loved local snacks; Epok Epok Sayur ($8 for 3pcs) and Roti John ($10 each). Available from 7 - 13 August, these snacks join Rempapa’s Cultural Celebration Series which advocates the multi-racial heritage cuisines of Singapore.

Putting these disappearing local foods back onto the center stage this National Day, Chef Damian proudly presents Rempapa’s renditions. Crunch through the homemade shortcrust pastry shell of the Epok Epok Sayur and you will find it filled with a refreshing mix of cabbages, beansprouts, carrots and jicama, along with taukwa and fragrant dried shrimp. Served with special chili cuka.

The Roti John presents the warming flavours of Masala Spiced Lamb, accompanied with onions, peas, sliced cucumbers and shredded lettuce, all served in a grilled bun resembling a burger bap, and with chilli sauce on the side.